LAHORE, APRIL 2018: In line with one of CCL’s strategic priorities, talent management, hire, develop and retain best in-class HR, the Training function recently held a 2-day workshop on the topic of hiring and retention.  Aimed to equip managers with the right skills to acquire, develop and retain talent, the workshop was attended by over 35 DSMs/SDSMs and sales managers from PakOps. The session was inaugurated by Muhammad Akram, Director Marketing and Sales who drew attention of the audience to the high turnover of the field force and the cost of this turnover. He also discussed about the importance of quality hiring and the consequences of not hiring the right talent. The workshop topics included hiring policy, quality hiring, induction of new employees, recruitment and selection, competence-based interview and how to reduce turnover. The workshop also included group exercises and role plays as key tools to drive understanding of the participants. Khalid Shafiq, Head of Marketing and Sales – CH expressed his thoughts on this occasion. “Such learning programs are markedly important and we must aim to implement this learning to get command on the subject and to hunt the talent for our brilliant future,” he added. Rana Imtiaz shared the objectives and learning outcomes of the workshop. He also encouraged the participants to discuss their expectations from this program. 0b024b76-b852-477e-80f1-eb1f28fcab82 8bda5959-94b0-4fa1-b0ed-04be64b497cf 7842c712-af4d-43f7-b1cf-0d518597b49e 579e1ad2-c91b-47de-a75a-7198559e673c b38f61d5-53b8-45ae-a78b-280571ae5a67 c12a9239-d8fa-4996-993c-76c06c10c450
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