LAHORE, APRIL 2018: Driven by the Human Resource function of CCL, a unique learning experience has been recently launched considering the development needs of employees and derived from organizational competencies of managing one’s self and paving way towards CCL success. “It is a focused training program of 10 hours for G1 to G5 colleagues (selective G6 members as well) enabling them to get through various experiential learnings for understanding the true meaning of personal development. Imagine impact not only for self but for CCL when so many team members raise the performance bar of their work game with this power pack program” remarked Syed Kashif, Talent and OD Manager. The objective of the training is to create a deeper understanding of work and stress management, inculcating better communication skills, impactful presentation skills, collaboration, accountability, initiative, trust and proactive cooperation. This training will be imparted to over 230 people in 6 batches in the salubrious ambiance of the Greenfields Country Club and also includes 10 hours of gamification and learning experience. 07739280-076b-4eeb-b339-a67fb073d0df 817878f9-fc5e-4cda-85d8-672ee40fc13f 59a93dbb-69d8-4721-8d0c-901e4a7c93f5 7038b4b2-f31a-4049-9ae1-4cacc7d740a7 af0a9883-e9d3-47db-b8d2-48f7f3667ae2 afffb4a7-e14c-4ae2-88e5-49a4dee3521b  
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