LAHORE, MAR. 2018: The Consumer Healthcare (CHC) team at CCL this week held a Women’s Day special event with renowned gynecologists and leading bloggers at CCL’s Head Office. Driven from the product platform of Biomousse Flora, the event was opened by Hafsah Saleem, Brand Executive, CHC, who greeted the audience of over 30 people including leading gynecologists and bloggers. She talked about female hygiene and its importance and highlighted the practices conducive to maintaining health and preventing disease, especially through cleanliness. She mentioned that Biomousse offers a complete treatment solution with quatro formula. “Women don’t know the difference between intimate and regular hygiene and fail to follow the basic rules to maintain vaginal health,” remarked Professor Razia Ashraf, guest speaker and the Head of Gynecology Department, Sharif Medical City Hospital. “There are certain glands in the cervix that produce a natural lubricant, which moves down your vagina, helping it remain moist and healthy. However, if the discharge is smelly, of a different color (like yellow or green) and is causing itching and soreness, chances are high that it might be due an infection,” she added. Later she talked about Vulvo-Vaginitis and how it can affect quality of life and lead to more severe infections of reproductive system like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. “Washing with ordinary soaps and gels can lead to an imbalance in pH levels, which in turn can lead to problems like itching, odor and infections,” remarked Dr. Atika Shaheer, Deputy Medical Affairs Manager CCL. She said that little things in daily life are important and working women often neglect their health and wellness while running routine affairs in family life. “It’s ideal to use during menstrual period, leukorrhea, to address post hair removal itching and irritation, vaginal unnatural discharge and bad odor, vaginal dryness, and for daily intimate hygiene,” she added. Later Dr. Atika engaged the audience by asking different questions to the bloggers. “Do you think today’s women feel free to talk about intimate hygiene openly?” she asked the present company. The group of women expressed their opinions openly after which Hafsah closed the session by requesting the audience to ‘give Biomousse Flora a shot.’ f52909a9-525f-4cdb-ad43-9f3c1417356a 359dd038-0152-446a-af7b-d75fd344b3f7 394ab1f8-4470-4140-bc02-ed6860dc5853
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