LAHORE, MAR. 2018: The Human Resource team this week celebrated the International Women’s Day 2018 by arranging a leadership team talk followed by lunch on the terrace of CCL’s Head Office. Naveeda Nisar, HRBP opened the session and expressed her gratitude to the management team on behalf of all female colleagues at CCL, “I thank all those women who have played an important role in my life. I probably never wish verbally these ladies on the ‘International Women’s Day’, but deep inside my heart I always thank them for being in my life and shaping it the way it is today,” she added. Shoaib Ahmed, CHRO narrated his feelings with reference to this day, “Today’s woman is no longer a dependent soul; she is independent and self-reliant in every respect and is capable of doing everything. Let’s recognize the importance of their existence and motivate them for the future achievements,” he added. Later the Management Team members expressed their views on this important day. “Well, like I said previously, our organization gives utmost importance to gender equality and i wish all those women who are deprived, needy or require support to stand shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts in the society,” remarked Kashif Sajjad Sheikh, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, CCL. “Each woman should understand her importance and should have the courage to build in their efforts for their own progress. Happy women’s day to every beautiful woman present here, on behalf of the entire organization I would like to thank you all for being a part of it and making it fulfill its vision of success,” remarked a jubilant Dr. Shahzad Khan, Chief Operating Officer, CCL. Later the CCL’s female employees enjoyed the lunch and yummy ice-cream agreeing on the vision that women power is incredible and cannot be expressed through a few words.
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