Training held in Lahore for field force development

LAHORE, OCTOBER 2018: A six-day competence development training program was recently held at the Royal Hotel for the new members of the field force (Specialty Business). The training was attended by over 71 sales promotion officers (SPOs) of Max, Matrix and Elite teams.

Rana Imtiaz, Sales Training Manager welcomed the participants and elaborated the objectives of the training program. “Everyone knows great business results can’t be achieved without highly engaged, highly skilled employees – and that it takes learning and talent development to develop them,” remarked Dr. Shahzad Khan, Chief Operating Officer CCL. He emphasized the importance of learning and development for professional growth.Shahid Malik, General Manager Specialty business also sensitized the audience on fast track career growth in CCL.

Apart from training sessions on disease areas, products and skills by the Training Function and Marketing, participants were also given exposure to topics such as Our Values, AER and Customer Relationship Management by HR, Sales Force Effectivenessand Medical Affairs respectively.

Later participants also visited the Head Office and Plant; learning of the participants was evaluated through daily quizzes and detailing competition. On the last day of the course, certificates were distributed and the winners were rewarded.

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