LAHORE, APRIL 2018: A 3-day Trade Sales Excellence training workshop was recently held by the Training function in the Value Room at CCL’s Head Office in Lahore. The workshop was attended by over 30 members of the Trade sales team from all over the country who were greeted by red roses and chocolates at the venue. The objective of the workshop was to sharpen their sales skills to further grow the consumer healthcare business. The training content focused on the corporate values, selling skills, territory management, distribution management and 3Ds of human behaviors. The subjects were discussed and practiced through group exercises and business games. Workshop trainers included Abid Majeed, GM Trade, M. Shakeel, GM Mass, Asim Sindhu, RSM, Shayan Zafar, SFTM and Rana Imtiaz, STM. The session was formally opened by Dr. Shahzad Khan, Chief Operating Officer CCL who said, “Human talent is the core factor that creates success stories. Organization is diversifying and risk may increase due to new markets or new customers. Today is the era of brand development and in this changing times, there will be a major push in consumer business in the next 3 years,” he added. “We are covering approximately 26,000 outlets and plan to expand to 150,000 outlets. By doing so, 2 billion sales volume is expected in the next couple of years,” remarked Khalid Shafiq, Head of Sales and Marketing CH. He emphasized the value of a winning attitude, which cultivates a winning culture.
Rana Imtiaz, Sales Training Manager, set the scene by highlighting the course contents, objectives, outcomes and encouraging the audience to share their expectations. After three days of very interactive session with full of fun and learning, the session was concluded by Shoaib Ahmed and Dr. Shahzad Khan.
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