LAHORE, APRIL 2018: In a bid to highlight the value of a wholesome diet and consistent calcium intake for strong bones, CCL’s Consumer Healthcare function recently launched an innovative and clutter breaking campaign, CALCIUM CHOR. Being one of a kind campaign, it engaged the hearts and minds of over 3000 doctors across the country. “Calcium is vital for a healthy and active life but it gets depleted from the bones on a daily basis due to many reasons. We should all know the amount of calcium being depleted so the recovery can be done accordingly,” remarked Muhammad Raza Mufti, Senior Brand Manager, CH. The objective of the campaign was to highlight the fact that basic food items such as tea and salt are harmful for the bones. The campaign markedly stressed the importance of using an appropriate calcium supplement, which assures complete calcium absorption in bones. A jute sack was specially designed for this campaign that comprised all the dietary items that may steal calcium from human bones termed CALCIUM ROBBERS. In order to calculate how much calcium is being robbed by their intake, a calcium robber calculator was also designed for the campaign. Basic items like tea, meat and salt, which are consumed on a daily basis were marked in the calculator. The alarming numbers calculated helped in creating concern for the need to benefit from a unique and complete calcium supplement. The daily intake of calcium robbers makes it mandatory for us that we consume a calcium supplement that assures the absorption of calcium in our bones. 09b87a41-3ef0-48ed-8d38-6c4a0bb9a11a 0ac98eb3-c188-4773-90ce-de2c0aa5c640 f320ce0c-8312-4496-b530-12bef7fb5800 (1) edc85162-2d33-4844-95d8-d0a16e65f04e dafd8dc6-c6ad-4ddb-9170-2e7327498e34 66ebcac9-13b2-4492-ba2f-c72450ebb899
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