Tanzania drug inspectors call on CCL for audit inspection

LAHORE, SEP. 2019: Dr. Yonah Hebron Mwalwisi and Estella Eliona Meena, Lead Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA) inspectors recently visited CCL’s Plant and Head Office for audit inspection of current Good manufacturing Practices.

“CCL Pharmaceuticals is a leading regional multinational pharmaceutical company with over 50 years of experience in the pursuit of health and wellbeing. With operations in 14 countries across South Asia, South East Asia, Central Asia and Africa, CCL offers a vast range of reputable brands in major therapeutic categories,” remarked Atif Siddiqui, President International Operations.

“Since TFDA strives to offer quality regulatory services to its customers, we conduct regular audit inspections of pharmaceutical companies in a bid to protect and promote public health by ensuring quality, safety and effectiveness of drugs,” remarked Dr. Yonah Hebron.

Later Dr. Rizwan Mahmood, Director of Quality Operations highlighted the important aspects of CCL’s Quality policy. The audit team visited the main areas of CCL’s Plant and also checked product samples and working tools. The audit inspection included a systematic and independent examination to determine whether inspection activities and related results complied with the planned arrangement and whether these arrangements were implemented effectively.


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