People Manager First Time training empowers managers to gear up and leap forth!

LAHORE, FEB. 2019: A 3-day comprehensive training program, ‘People Manager First Time’ was recently held with an aim to prepare newly promoted managers at CCL for future leadership and team management roles. The training was an enlightening blend of one-day in-house and 2-day residential sessions encompassing company policies and procedures and other set of skills. It was attended by 36 CCL employees and was conducted in collaboration with internal trainers and Max Foster Global’s Faisal Akbar Awan as external trainer.

“Being promoted to your first management position is exciting but it can be difficult. Graduation from an employee to a manager could be challenging for many reasons, from establishing yourself as a strong but approachable people manager to doing your own work and also managing a team efficiently and this requires training,” remarked Shoaib Ahmed, Chief Human Resource Officer CCL while talking about the program. He thanked all his Executive Committee colleagues for their commitment and involvement before and during the training.

“This is a unique program of 3-days edutainment designed in line with one of our strategic priorities, Building Robust Talent Management, which will go way beyond the development journey of our people managers in their career progression,” remarked Syed Kashif Sajjad, General Manager Talent and Organizational Development, CCL Pharmaceuticals.

“People Manager First Time is an exciting program as it has plenty of elements to prepare young managers to become better managers and leaders in their role. The way it has been designed including the right topic based top leadership team’s interventions during in-house and residential sessions is remarkable as I have not seen this happening before,” remarked Faisal Awan.

The first day being an in-house session of the training included topics such as CCL’s Vision, strategy, long-term goals, 6-month performance, culture and values, quality mindset, supply chain and teamwork, innovation and its importance and organizational policies.

Participants spent the next 2 days at probably the most gorgeous residential conference venue in Pakistan, a solace to nature-loving corporates on 100 acres of lush green and divine serenity on the outskirts of Lahore. The in-residence training was intense edutainment based learning where key topics were covered with entertaining and simulation-based team activities.

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