CCL participates in Pharma Forum Sales & Marketing Innovation held in Singapore

SINGAPORE, APRIL 2019: A 2-day Pharma Forum: Sales & Marketing Innovation was recently held at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel in Singapore, which was attended by Muhammad Akram, Commercial Director where he presented the topic of ‘building leadership with a generic brand in critical segments – real life success story.’

Some of the topics he covered during his presentation included quality, quantity, affordability: Tailoring business models towards achieving ROI, growing product recognition with value proposition in generic-generics alternatives and overcoming cost containment barriers to provide affordable healthcare solutions.

“Amidst the challenges of the ASEAN pharmaceutical market, Singapore poses a strategic location as a regional gateway to high potential growth pharma markets like Indonesia and Malaysia. It was a great opportunity to celebrate and meet innovators, leaders and business winners in Asia’s pharmaceutical market and transforming drug portfolios with digital and commercial excellence profit engines,” remarks Muhammad Akram.

The Pharma Forum brought together decision-makers from various companies and organizations to share their best practices. World class keynotes and speakers from 50 pharmaceutical companies were present to share case studies, successes, and added value with a focus on prescriptive medication business development and marketing.

The meeting was an insightful opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry in countries across the ASEAN region, which house their own regulations, compliance, and various differentiated markets to discuss possible solutions. The forum participants also looked in to diversified digital capabilities, innovation culture, and technological advancements which are consistently being adopted by major players while new market opportunities are arising taking into account countries which are mostly invested in expanding universal healthcare coverage and improving the quality of lives.

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