Symposia held for doctors in Kenya

NAIROBI, JUNE 2018: In the wake of CCL’s recent launch of Lina (Linagliptin) in Kenya, Abdullah Ibrahim, Product Manager, IntOps recently held 2 launch symposia at Mathari Mission Hospital, Nyeri Region andChogoria Mission Hospital, Chogoria Region respectively. The sessions were attended by over 65 physicians from different specialities, i.e., general medicine, endocrinology, surgery and cardiology.

The team launched 5 new products including Lina, Sita/Sita-Met, OAD-Max, Vitaxon and Dan-D.

In addition, 2 days in-house training sessions with CCL Kenya team on new products was also conducted in the leadership of Mr Abdullah. The main emphasis was on metabolic portfolio and their target patients to distinctly position SITA/SITAMet and LINA for field force. The advantage of Vitaxon and Dan-D was also highlighted as we are premier in Vitamin B12 mono therapy and 200,000IU cholecalciferol.

One day Selling skills & product detailing refresher session was also conducted. The entire series of events was arranged under the supervision of Dr Ahsan Iqbal – BM Africa.

Chogoria Mission Hospital, Chogoria Region

Mathari Mission Hospital, Nyeri Region

Team Kenya Product Detailing Session

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