Second session of Sales Management Development Program held for sales managers

LAHORE, KARACHI, April 2019: The 2nd session for the development of sales managers (SMs) under the umbrella of LEAD, was recently held in Lahore and Karachi respectively with the collaboration of TMF Associates. Two main topics, Leadership and Team Building were highlighted during the 2-day workshops, which were attended by 30 colleagues in each city.

The session was inaugurated by Dr. Shahzad Khan, Chief Operating Officer of CCL. In his opening remarks, he provoked the thought process of participants, reminding participants of the significance of 2nd line managers for the accomplishment of corporate objectives.

Muhammad Akram, Commercial Director CCL elaborated the concept of situational leadership and its practicality to build trust and boost the productivity of team members by adopting the right leadership style.

Khalid Shafiq, Director Marketing and Sales Consumer Healthcare opened the session in Karachi and emphasized the execution of learning to remain competitive in the market. He encouraged the audience to open up to get better understanding of leadership.

In addition to topics like leadership theories, leadership styles, supportive communication and stages of team-building, participants were also engaged through case studies, group exercises and business games to improve learning.

The sessions were concluded with the expression of personal commitment of actionable items at the workplace and thanking the facilitators for valuable professional development knowledge.

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