An entertaining event was recently held at the CCL’s Plant in Lahore to celebrate the launch of Quality Culture Initiative. The initiative included the re-launch of CCL’s Quality Policy and many engaging competitions such as poster-making, slogan writing contest, speech making competition and quality improvement suggestions among CCL’s employees. The objective of the initiative is to highlight the role of quality in various activities across the value chain. The colorful event was attended by over 400 employees of the plant and Head Office and was hosted by Uzma Anwar, Lead Legal Affairs in HR, plant management team including Dr Rizwan Mahmood and Umer Saleem and administration team including Abdul Hayee and Nadeem Saeed The evening began with the unveiling of CCL’s new Quality Policy at plant reception by Kashif Sajjad Sheikh, Managing Director & CEO of CCL, who was accompanied by the Management Committee members and senior managers. The venue had been colorfully decorated including branded balloons and the walkway to the compound proudly boasted buntings and creative works of employees as part of the Quality competitions, i.e., posters, slogans and other works. “Welcome to the launch of CCL’s Quality Initiative and I thank you all of you to make it possible. The purpose of getting together today is to realize the value of quality as a driver for continuous improvement. You will be required to ensure that you continually improve the degree to which the CCL’s products and services meet customer requirements and to measure effectiveness of the processes responsible,” remarked Dr Rizwan Mahmood, Director Quality Operations, CCL Pharmaceuticals. “Quality is not the seasoning or garnishing of your favorite recipe that adds a magical flash or flavor to the dish but a part and parcel of our mindset. The reason why we have re-written our quality policy is to make our employees understand that their job affects product quality, and therefore the success of CCL,” remarked Umer Saleem, Director Supply Chain and Factory Operations. Untitled-5
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