LAHORE, MAR. 2018: CCL recently arranged a daylong training session at the Emerald Hall, Faletti’s Hotel on the topic of “Living Innovation & Thinking Creatively,” facilitated by Frank Connolly, a leading Australian trainer and Principal of “Think Quick,” which specializes in adding value to organizations through staff training and facilitating sessions to ensure that not only is the thinking improved but so too are the actions that result. The workshop was attended by 46 departmental managers including the Management Committee members. The session was opened by Kashif Sheikh, Managing Director and CEO CCL, “Innovation is the most talked about yet the least understood topic and the objective here is to develop a common understanding of innovation and agree on an implementation plan to drive sustainable growth,” he added. Frank shed light on the topic of innovation by using various analogies and metaphors dividing the day into 4 learning modules: Defining problems and opportunities, building insight, generating ideas and addressing and adding value to ideas. He also shared valuable tools for driving innovation at workplace, which are taken up for onward inculcation in CCL. “Organizations are attempting to do more with less but at the same time improving service delivery and profit, this requires innovative thinking,” remarked Frank. The workshop included many interactive sessions driving active participation of the trainer and participants and surfaced real life challenges at hand. “It was great learning and I hope this will go a long way towards disseminating the innovation culture in our organization. As a team our responsibility will be to translate these learnings in to actions. Thanks everyone, particularly Kashif and the HR team for this opportunity,” remarked Kashif Sheikh at the end of the session. “We have to keep the innovation agenda alive at CCL; let’s be innovative and think differently to win in the market place,” remarked Shoaib Ahmed, CHRO, while closing the session; this was followed by distribution of certificates among workshop participants. 0121d7cd-3488-4724-9966-078a38502016 a8cabc57-eca7-4ea5-ae2f-9becb3dc4293 c24a00ff-4cc9-4fdd-8d6f-691a0ac44fa8 ce30fe2f-b990-42d4-a2e9-a5abda783bbf f80eba86-9b1e-4baa-a470-a4ebe2132884 355287b1-4c48-4d55-b2d9-51d2fbc684cf
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