FAISALABAD, FEB. 2018: The Sales Training function of CCL recently organized a 6-day session of Field Force Development (FDP-I) for over 45 sales promotion officers (SPOs) from the north region of the Pharmaceuticals Division at the Grand Regent Hotel in Faisalabad. The objective of the training was to impart medical and product knowledge to the sales team to enhance productivity through better in-chamber effectiveness. Training topics broadly covered company policies and procedures, Our Values, adverse event reporting, basics of anatomy and physiology, disease areas, products, selling skills and detailing. Facilitators from Training, Marketing, HR and Medical Affairs collaborated to deliver this training. In his opening remarks, Rana Imtiaz, Sales Training Manager, CCL Pharmaceuticals, highlighted the importance of learning and development in personal and professional growth and emphasized the participants to “Learn to Earn”. He encouraged the participants to daydream, visualize their future and pursue their dreams through sincere efforts. While concluding the session on the 6th day he sensitized the participants to execute their learning in the field for their social, financial and professional growth. He reminded them that being an ambassador of the organization, they are responsible for boosting the corporate image in the industry. In a bid to assess the effectiveness of product message delivery, a detailing competition was also held on the last day of the session. Winners of the quiz and detailing competition were awarded valuable prizes. 387f45dc-1bfd-43a8-8343-ecc0bf283fcc d11a7e97-4cc3-4e0b-bb05-44414162869f 5c3c5388-476f-4c2c-bb11-3eba9658f7f0
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