LAHORE, FEB. 2018: The Consumer Healthcare team recently supported the Sports Gala at the Hailey College of Banking and Finance, University of the Punjab under the umbrella of the brand Dextron-D. The gala offered a valuable opportunity to over 1,000 students of the college to learn about CCL’s exciting products, Dextron-D and Chatooli candy. During the event, product leaflets were distributed among the students, unique product benefits were highlighted and taste trials were done. ‘Dextron-D is an excellent product for the youth and people who live an active lifestyle. This summer, we are planning a series of events in educational institutions to generate awareness and trials for both Dextron-D and Chatooli,’ remarked Usamah Iyyaz Billah, Marketing Manager-CH. Salman Asif, ABM CH adds “Response to both products was amazing; such sports events are in line with the brand personality of Dextron-D,” 0e7a80e2-531f-49a5-a3c0-4a1299f19887
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