LAHORE, FEB. 2018: An exciting and fun-filled evening hosted by celebrated fashion model Natasha Hussain (Natty) and Muhammad Raza Mufti last week marked the 1st Consumer Healthcare Sales Conference at the Khursheed Mahal Hall in the Avari Hotel, Lahore. The first highlight of the evening was a mime performance by an eight-member NCA team who personified each of the newly introduced set of values. It was a popular act of stage entertainment that narrated the values using body movements, facial expressions, hand gestures and dance instead of words. In his address, Usamah Billah, Marketing Manager CH thanked all the sales teams by naming the entire 200 fleet in just 1.5 minutes; the names were shown on screen in a musical presentation. “The true stars of the event are our sales teams, who have traveled from all over Pakistan for the event. The annual sales conference is a prime example of team work and collaboration amongst all members of the Marketing & Sales teams,” remarked Usamah Billah. Raza Mufti and NATTY would keep on adding some fun to the event by asking different team members engaging questions and introducing them to the guests in unique ways. “Thank you all for coming here today to the first and much awaited CH annual sales conference,” remarked Kashif Sajjad Sheikh, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, CCL.    
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