Competency Building Workshop for Medical Sales Liaison Executive (MSLEs)

A continuous investment in people development is one of the distinctions of CCL Pharma. CCL is striving to develop employee’s capabilities so that they can perform better in a more professional manner and to facilitate them to accomplish their career objectives.

Recently a 5 Day “Competency Building Workshop” was arranged for a newly developed team of MSLE’s in Lahore from 7th – 11th Oct, 2019. This workshop was attended by 8 MSLE’s from all across the country. The workshop comprised of Corporate Orientation, Policies & Procedures, Our Values, Career path, working protocol & Job Description, Product Training, SFE orientation, Core Selling Skills, Professional Grooming and Communication & Presentation Skills. The sessions were conducted by HR, Medical, Marketing, Business effectiveness and Training Functions. Apart from the various sessions, 02 days were dedicated for reflecting back by the participants for their practice and to evaluate their learning.

While inaugurating the session, Muhammad Akram, Commercial Director highlighted the importance, scope and future of MSLE’s both in Global and Local prospective. He highlighted that CCL is the pioneer in taking this initiative among national pharmaceutical companies. The MSLE’s were also provided the opportunity to visit HO and interact with Dr. Shahzad Khan (MD & CEO) and Shoaib Ahmed (CHRO). Dr. Shahzad Khan and Shoaib Ahmed shared their visions on diversity, self-respect and freedom of work in CCL with the participants. They encouraged the participants to pursue their dreams to move upwards in their career ladders.

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