Clutter breaking campaign abhi tau main jawan hun launched in Lahore

LAHORE, AUGUST 2018 CCL’s Consumer Healthcare function recently held an exciting event to launch Once A Day Men (OAD) awareness raising campaign at the Park Lane Tower Hotel in Lahore. The event was attended by over 30 general practitioners and diabetoligists.

“Abhi to main jawan hun aims to highlight the emotional linkage between the multivitamin brand, OAD

Men, which is tailored for male vitality and masculine desire to stay young and fit. “The perception of your age is important and defines how we act and behave. If you consider yourself old, you probably act that way. Feeling young at heart may help us live a healthier and happier life,” remarked Omer Toqeer, Assistant Brand Manager, Consumer Healthcare.

Through this activity platform, CCL wants to generate awareness amongst our customers that age is just a number for a person who is young at heart, and yes we cannot stop the aging process as everyone has to get old but we can slow it down by taking care of ourselves by consuming healthy diet and essential supplements which become necessary for us due to certain deficiencies of these nutrients with growing age.

The brand team had also arranged some wonderful props for the event, such as a moustache, which is a symbol of masculinity. Once A Day Men is a unique multivitamin, which provides the ultimate solution in case of stress, fatigue and vitality.

For further information please contact Omer Toqeer, Assistant Brand Manager CHC,

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