CCL's annual sales conference themed Maidan Key Sultan held

ISLAMABAD, LAHORE, KARACHI, NOV. 2018: It’s a curious experience to watch all the deliriously funny hosting by Rizwan-ur-Rashid, Marketing Manager and Dr. Atika Shaheer, Deputy Medical Affairs Manager who greeted participants both from the field and Head Office to the Annual Sales Conference 2018 events held in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Reflecting the motivational theme of Maidan Key Sultan, the event aimed to acknowledge the outstanding performance of the whole marketing and sales team in Pharmaceuticals.

Fitting the theme of ‘Maidan Key Sultan’ background announcements reminiscent of that of a royal marshal heralded the entry of sales teams at all venues in the royal presence of their respective team leaders. It featured a royal and noble ranks, orders of chivalry, and nobility here and there, even featuring court uniforms at all the three rousing and entertaining events. In each event, Executive Committee members and senior managers stood at the reception to welcome the sheerful sales team along with the royal guards attired in majestic uniforms carrying swords.

“On behalf of the sales and marketing team, I welcome all the guests to the Annual Sales Conference 2018,” remarked a chirpy Muhammad Akram, Commercial Director.
“We set up this tradition of celebrating our milestone achievements a few years back and since then each of our events had a different theme,” he added and revealed the theme of the conference this year, Maidan Key Sultan in an entertaining and melodious song.
“Thank you for having me here and today I will take you through the company vision and growth drivers while giving you a flavor of changing industry trends, evolving industry dynamics,” remarked Kashif Sajjad Sheikh, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, CCL.

He also talked about the global pharmaceutical market, generic market share, highlights of the year and the corporate strategy with highlights and lowlights of 2018. “Next generation therapeutics, digital health, tele-health, generics and specialty medicines are the 5 key areas of future growth as pharmemerging market presents 6-9% market share,” he added. He motivated the team to make CCL as one of the top 5 pharmaceutical companies by 2025. “All it takes is team performance and new product launches,” he said.
Later Dr. Shahzad Khan, Chief Operating Officer CCL Pharmaceuticals, presented some insightful milestones that CCL had achieved throughout the year and thanked the teams for all the outstanding work. “I am here to remind us that where are we coming from, where we are at the moment, where we are going and how to go there,” he added. He talked about mounting challenges such as economic transformation, changing customer expectations, stricter regulatory environment, fiercer competitor landscape and rising inflation. “I am sure that with the help of our cultural transformation driven by Our Values we will achieve our growth targets,” he added. “Let’s not forget that the value of our sales promotion officer is due to the access of customers, superior customer centricity, teamwork, better resource utilization and effectiveness will make us the sultans of our field,” he concluded.

Later Muhammad Akram, Commercial Director, presented insightful sales data, market share of multi-national companies versus the share of national pharmaceutical companies and CCL’s ranking improvement. He also shared with guests the performance of each business unit, and teams. Over 120 promotions were announced in these three sessions for the field team members who went extra mile during the past year.

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