Authorized 2 Sell workshop held for SSPOs, FEs a Achiever Club members

LAHORE, JAN. 2019: In a bid to develop a better understanding of selling skills and build a stronger rapport with customers, a one-day workshop titled Authorized 2 Sell was recently held by the training function of CCL. This series of workshops was attended by over 160 SSPOs, Fes and members of Achiever Club 2017-2018. The learning methodology adopted in this series of workshop included facilitated discussion, group exercises, individual exercises and role plays.

The key learning objectives of this session were:

  • Develop sales built upon the foundation of a respect-based relationship
  • Successfully advance the doctor through the adoption process
  • Follow-up planning and be more responsive
  • Improve value to CCL and doctors through selling
  • Overcome objections
  • Negotiate better

All the participants were also advised to analyze various in-chamber situations and respond accordingly. Furthermore, this session will assist them in better understanding of our external customers and plan call accordingly.

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