A two day’ workshop “Art of Shepherding” was conducted for the first line mangers by Mr. Ashraf Chaudhary, a renowned Sales Trainer. To make the program more interactive and productive, 3 sessions were arranged in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi respectively attended by 138 participants. The basic theme of the program was developing a Team and building Trust based working environment. While sharing his vision with the participants in Lahore, Dr. Shahzad Khan MD & CEO said, “Our focus is on Transformation, visionary companies develop Clock Builders instead of Time Tellers and new opportunities are for Clock builders. Develop your MIROs to generate sales even if his manager is on leave. A Leader is one who gives credit of his success to his team and takes responsibility of failures and challenges.” In his closing remarks, Muhammad Akram, Commercial Director emphasized the importance of team building, “we can achieve any objective by making our team happy. Humans have unlimited potential; we just need to explore and channel this potential. To explore this potential, a favorable working environment is a pivotal, we need to open our hearts and the seniors should lead the way”.

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